Monday, 4 May 2015

Legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood supports Save Our Hospitals campaign

Andy Burnham calls for halt to London NHS closures plans for Hospitals and A&Es

One Week to Save the NHS event with Jo Brand and Andy Burnham 02/05/2015

Andy Burnham calls for halt to London NHS closures plans for Hospitals and A&Es 

Andy Burnham says Imperial Trust is not meeting A&E targets... 

Jo Brand on the NHS 

NHS worker talking about the pressures on the NHS 

Dr Clare Gerada on the NHS 

Dr Clare Gerada talks about mental health 

Dying To Save Our Hospitals: Charing X And Ealing Campaigners Protest Outside Dept Of Health

Paul Williams
Fri, May 01, 2015

On 30th April Save Our Hospitals joined other campaigners outside the Department of Health where they staged a ‘die-in’ to show support for health workers and to protest at the ongoing attacks on the National Health Service.

A key focus of the die-in was the need to ensure that voters remember to VOTE FOR THE NHS when they go to the polls next Thursday.
Campaigners are clear that, whatever the result of the elections, they will continue to fight to maintain local health services and to protect the NHS from growing privatisation.
The two local campaigns – to save Charing Cross Hospital and to save Ealing Hospital – also presented their petitions calling for a stop to the reorganisations and closures in North West London. At least 15,000 people have signed these petitions over the past two years (see picture below where Save Our Hospitals campaigners take boxes of petitions into the Department of Health).

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