Sunday, 14 May 2017

Election Special

Support SW London

SW London Keep Our NHS Public Group have invite SOH to have a stall at their public meeting "How can we save the NHS?" Let us know if you're coming.

SW London KONP Tues 16th May 7.30pm 222 Upper Tooting Rd, SW17 7EW

H & F Council AGM

SOH has been invited to have a stall prior to the council's Annual General Meeting. We want to show support to H&F, one of the first councils to oppose the cuts & closures plans known as Sustainability & Transformation plans (STPs).

SOH Stall prior to H & F Council AGM Wed 17th May 6pm stall 7pm start of council meeting Hammersmith Town Hall

Scrap the STPs Lobby
Join London health campaigners in lobbying this conference designed to promote the STPs.
Scrap The STP Lobby Thurs 18th May 8 - 9am The Royal National Hotel, Bedford Way WC1H 0DG

Chiswick Questions

Chiswick is organising online interviews with the Chiswick parliamentary candidates. Seems a good opportunity to check their views about the planned hospital closures at CX and Ealing and NHS funding crisis. Do You Have A Question For Your Election Candidates?

Health Campaigns Together Election Special
Attached is an online election special newspaper from Health Campaigns Together. It's a must read: an excellent briefing on the NHS Crisis. If you'd like a batch of hard copies let us know.

Parties Opposed to STPs

Since last week's report on the very welcome news that the Labour Party nationally has come out against STPs and called for a moratorium on planned hospital closures
http:///uk/politics/election-2017-labour-stop-hospital-closures-nhs-conservative-cuts-tories-a7714581.html Louise emailed saying that the NHS Action Party was " the first to find out about and publicise the STPs, and definitely oppose them!" and Martin quotes the Green Party's Spokesperson describing the rationale for the STP as cuts. "Closing wards and hospitals will save money, but this cannot be done without huge damage. There is no excess provision. Already, most hospitals frequently have too many patients."

K & C Care Homes -- Patchy Quality

Newspaper reports have highlighted patchy quality of care homes in Kensington & Chelsea - despite the borough being the wealthiest in Britain. According to the charity Independent Age who reviewed Care Quality Commission reports "In January, 5 out of 10 care homes in Kensington and Chelsea were poorly rated." - though some have since been upgraded.

Anne Drinkell (SOH secretary)

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