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Hammersmith Hospital A&E to close as urgent care centre expanded

Hammersmith Hospital's AandE is set to close on September 10 as part of a programme to 'improve health services in north west London'.
Hammersmith Hospital's A&E will close on September 10, 2014
Hammersmith Hospital's emergency department will close in September this year, it was announced yesterday.
The hospital's governing body, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, confirmed on Thursday (May 29) the hospital's A&E department will be closing on September 10, 2014.
The news comes after Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health, agreed in October last year that the department would close as part of a major programme said to improve health services in north west London.
Central Middlesex's emergency department will also close on the same day, meaning the closest A&E will be St Mary's Hospital in Paddington.
Hammersmith Hospital's 12-hour urgent care centre is set to be enhanced and expanded to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to compensate for the loss.
Patients with urgent but not life-threatening illnesses and injuries will be seen there, with the hospital saying more than half of patients currently attending Hammersmith's emergency department are seen there now.
The announcement comes as a blow for Hammersmith and Fulham's residents and politicians involved in the Save Our Hospital's campaign.
Hammersmith MP, Andy Slaughter said: "We knew this day was going to come but the way they have gone about it is totally unacceptable.
"The fact they're closing the two hospitals at the same time means they clearly don't want people to go from one to the other. They obviously don't want people to go to Charing Cross as they didn't even mention it and are knocking it down, so the only local alternative is St Mary's.
"For the people who live in the north west of the borough such as White City and Old Oak, Hammersmith Hospital's A&E is essential. It's also one of the poorest parts of London, with low car ownership and a much lower life expectancy than richer areas so an A&E is essential."
A spokeswoman from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust told getwestlondon the changes, led by clinicians, will benefit local people and are intended to provide more local care wherever possible and to concentrate specialist services were necessary to increase quality and safety.
She said: "In time for the closure, the current 12-hour urgent care centre at Hammersmith Hospital will be enhanced and expanded, opening 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and other hospitals locally with a major emergency department will prepare for additional patients.
“The Trust’s main priority is patient care and safety and detailed planning for these changes is underway. No changes will be made until we are sure that everything is in place for a smooth transfer to the new arrangements and that a safe, high quality emergency care system is in place.”
Mr Slaughter added that he was unhappy there was not any scrutiny over the decision and said it was just pushed through.
Patients suspected of having a heart attack will continue to be taken straight to Hammersmith Hospital which has one of London's eight 24/7 heart attack centres.
Ambulances from September 10 will take patients to the most appropriate service for their needs.

BBC News - St Mary's Hospital A&E at 'maximum' capacity

Hospital entrance - genericHammersmith and Central Middlesex A&E departments will close on the same day

A north west London hospital set to accept additional emergency patients is already operating at "maximum utilisation", a report has revealed.
St Mary's Hospital will take Hammersmith Hospital's patients when its accident and emergency department closes in September.
The NHS report said additional space could not be found before the change and the plans carried a financial risk.
MP for Hammersmith, Andy Slaughter, said it was "grossly irresponsible".
Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced in October plans to close Hammersmith Hospital and Central Middlesex's A&E departments as part of the Shaping a Healthier Future programme.
As part of it Hammersmith Hospital will lose its A&E capacity and become a specialist hospital, operating a 24-hour Urgent Care Centre (UCC) which generally cares for walk-in patients.
Patients requiring an ambulance will instead be taken to St Mary's in Paddington.
'Dangerous and irresponsible'
The Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust report said: "The current capacity at St Mary's for acute admissions is already at maximum utilisation.
"[St Mary's] will receive an additional 25 ambulances and up to 15 UCC-referred patients a day converting to 13 admissions, and therefore plans for additional capacity are being developed."
But it added that plans to find additional space was "unlikely to conclude prior to the closure of the EU (emergency unit)".
Mr Slaughter said: "Closing Hammersmith A&E… with four months notice, and by their own admission that they are not ready with alternative services, is dangerous and irresponsible and we are going to do everything we can to stop that happening."
He added he had urged Hammersmith and Fulham Council to speak to the NHS Trust to "persuade them to go back and look at this again".
'Better for patients'
The report also said there was a "clinical risk in recruitment and a financial risk" as junior medical staff would have their contracts terminated on 6 August meaning the hospital would have to rely on locums for a month.
Dr Mark Spencer, deputy medical director for the NHS in London, said: "What we're doing in each case is moving the small teams of doctors that are managing the A&Es at Hammersmith or Central Middlesex and moving them to larger units to provide better care over 24 hours a day which is much better for patients."
Under the government's plans, nine hospitals in north-west London will be redesigned so the most serious emergencies can be dealt with at A&Es in Hillingdon, Northwick Park, West Middlesex, Chelsea and Westminster or St Mary's hospitals.
The Trust must now approve proposals to close Hammersmith Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital A&E departments on 10 September.

"Thank you" party at Charing Cross Hospital!

Check all the photos at:  Charing Cross Fight Facebook Page

Friday, 30 May 2014

St Mary’s forced to use overflow beds when nearby A&E is axed

“Risks”: St Mary’s Hospital
One of London’s four trauma hospitals will be forced to use its winter emergency “overflow” beds when the  A&E department is axed at a neighbouring hospital, health chiefs have admitted.
St Mary’s Hospital, in Paddington, is already at “maximum utilisation” and an expansion will not be finished before Hammersmith Hospital’s emergency department is shut, official documents reveal.
Imperial College NHS trust yesterday unanimously agreed to close the A&E at Hammersmith on September 10 — the same day that casualty services will cease at Central Middlesex hospital in Harlesden.
Trust managers admitted there were “risks” about overcrowding at St Mary’s and warned ill patients would spend longer in ambulances. But they insisted the changes would ensure better treatment as specialists would be available 24 hours a day at St Mary’s.
No date was set for the downgrading of the A&E at sister hospital Charing Cross, but doubt was cast over its future when Imperial’s chief operating officer Steve McManus said the trust’s emergency care would be based in “one location” — St Mary’s.
The trust has delayed an announcement on the future of Charing Cross for two months.
An urgent care centre at Hammersmith will be extended to 24-hour opening to compensate for the loss of the A&E, which is used by about 60 patients a day, of whom 25 arrive by ambulance.
The vast majority are expected to be taken to St Mary’s, which is 3.3 miles away. Hammersmith will retain its heart attack centre.
Andy Slaughter, Labour MP for Hammersmith, said: “I think it’s an extraordinary decision to nod through the closure of a major A&E department with little or no discussion.
“‘The world will be watching,’ they said. I think they are right about that. This is one of the most deprived areas of London. I’m concerned about the level of care that will be available. It will be GP cover and nurse cover rather than consultant-led.”
Desiree Cranenburgh, of the Save Our Hospitals campaign, said: “It’s the most deprived area and now it’s being deprived of its A&E service.”
An Imperial College NHS trust  spokeswoman said: “We have extra acute beds at St Mary’s Hospital, normally used during the busy winter period to ensure we can quickly admit those patients who need in-patient care.
“We will be using these, if required, after the closure of Hammersmith hospital’s emergency unit in order to ensure that we continue to provide safe care to all our patients.
“We already have staffing in place to care for patients in these extra beds.”

Negligent to close Hammersmith A&E says new H&F Labour Leader Stephen Cowan to the BBC!

Please watch this video:


BBC video

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Join us at Charing Cross Hospital this Friday, 30/05/2014 between 10am to 12pm

Campaigners will be thanking patients and residents for voting at the election
for Councillors committed to fighting to save Charing Cross Hospital and we will also be informing them about the announcement from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust confirming closure of Hammersmith A&E on 10th of September.

Imperial College Healthcare appoints new medical director - 29 May 2014

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has appointed Professor Chris Harrison as the Trust’s medical director.

The announcement was made by the Trust’s chief executive, Dr Tracey Batten.
Professor Harrison brings to the role considerable expertise in the areas of cancer care and public health, and his appointment will reinforce the high quality clinical leadership acroChris Harrisonss the Trust.

He joined the Trust in March 2013 from Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, the largest specialist cancer centre in Europe, where he was medical director for eight years. Since October 2013, he has been interim medical director at Imperial College Healthcare. He has also been clinical director for cancer for NHS London, helping to implement a model of care to improve cancer survival rates and access to services.  
Dr Batten said: “I am delighted to announce that Professor Chris Harrison has been appointed medical director at our Trust. Chris is a highly experienced clinician and healthcare leader who brings extensive experience to the position. He will provide invaluable knowledge and skills to help us deliver our clinical strategy to provide the highest quality care to all our patients.
“I am sure our staff will join me in congratulating Chris on his appointment and wishing him all the very best in his new role.”  
Professor Harrison played an important role at the AHSC in Manchester, being the lead for cancer across six partner organisations. He has also led work on the quality assurance and accreditation of cancer services across Europe and is the chair of the European Cancer Centre Accreditation Committee.
He said: “I am immensely looking forward to taking on this role and continuing to work with the medical staff in the Trust and GPs in north west London, as well as helping to deliver the Trust’s clinical strategy to further improve the quality of care and experience of all our patients.”

For more information please contact:
Soraya Madell
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust press office
Tel: 020 3312 1331

More information at: Imperial Trust Website

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Closure of A&E at Hammersmith Hospital set for 10th September 2014

Public Board meeting of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust confirms closure on 10th September

The Board of Imperial College NHS Trust, meeting at Hammersmith Hospital's W12 conference centre today, Wednesday 28th May, confirmed the closure of the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital and set the date for 10th September.
The board discussed some aspects of the staffing and training requirements for a successful transfer of "blue-light" patients to St Mary's, Paddington. They also discussed the implementation of a 24/7 Urgent Care Centre manned by nurse practitioners and GPs at Hammersmith. But the public was left with the impression that many details of the transfer were still to be decided. Some important matters, such as the impact of this decision on "blue-light" admissions to Charing Cross A&E, which is also facing eventual closure, were not discussed.
At the same meeting the Board heard that the financial performance of the Trust is adrift from its predictions. In particular the savings from Cost Improvement Plans were behind schedule, and expenditure on agency doctors, nurses and administrative staff were higher than expected. Overall the financial picture was not moving in the direction of satisfying Monitor that the Trust is ready to acquire Foundation status yet. But staff morale is good and the clinical outcomes continue to improve from an already very high standard.

Chris Tarrant says Charing Cross Hospital is geared to Strokes at the BBC Radio 5 Live

We have at Charing Cross Hospital, the best Stroke Unit in the Country, in this audio Chris Terrant tells how our Hospital saved his life.

The NHS has plans to DEMOLISH Charing Cross Hospital, please support us by signing our petition at:

Thank you for your support,

SOH team

Interview at BBC Radio 5 live 28/05/2014

#SaveOurHospitals #NHS #LBHF #Hammersmith #Fulham #CharinCross

Save Our Hospitals Party 27/05/2014

It's a fantastic achievement that SOH made the issue of the future of our local health services the dominant issue in the local election. 
An even bigger achievement that our campaign "against candidates who don't listen" has helped to remove the pro A&E closure Councillors and brought in Councillors committed to fighting to save Charing Cross Hospital. We are very grateful to our Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter and the new elected Fulham Reach Ward Councillor Vivienne Lukey for been FIGHTING from day one to Save Our Hospitals in West London. God bless them!

Friday, 23 May 2014

The elections are over, thank you for all our supporters!

It's a fantastic achievement that SOH made the issue of the future of our local health services the dominant issue in the local election. 
An even bigger achievement that our campaign "against candidates who don't listen" has helped to remove the pro A&E closure councillors and brought in councillors committed to fighting to save Charing Cross Hospital. We look forward to working constructively with the Labour council - mind you we will not be backwards in coming forward to remind them of their promise!

Charing Cross Hospital Birthday Party on the 22/05/2014

Check all the photos at: Charing Cross Fight FaceBook Page

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Saving the Peregrine Falcon living at Charing Cross Hospital!

See all the photos at : Charing Cross Fight FaceBook Page

Use your VOTE to Save Our Local Hospital Services!

Residents in Fulham Reach Ward, Hammersmith received today a NEW leaflet about the statement by the Prime Minister to "Get West London" on line newspaper, during his visit on 15th May 2014 that "Charing Cross Hospital will retain its A&E and services". ONCE AGAIN this SIMPLY ISN'T TRUE. The Administration in Hammersmith is engaging the authority of our Prime Minister to repeat falsehoods.

You may receive a leaflet from the Council claiming that Charing Cross Has been "saved".
Please don't believe this - it is simply NOT TRUE. Charing Cross will still be demolished; There will be no A&E; and there will be no acute services whatsoever. All 500 beds will go - to be replaced by a maximum of 60 GP-referral beds. Most of the land will be sold off and a clinic built on the remaining site.
The council spent thousands of pounds of council tax money printing and distributing a leaflet with false claims to have saved the Hospital - fooling many people into thinking a rescue package had been agreed. We take no pleasure in telling you that is false. The proposal voted through on 19th February 2013 is the one we have been fighting since June 2012 and will continue to oppose.

Exclusive: Hammersmith MP hits back at David Cameron's accusation of lies

Exclusive: Hammersmith MP hits back at David Cameron's accusation of lies

The Prime Minister visited Hammersmith yesterday and said Andy
Slaughter had not told the truth about Charing Cross Hospital

Andy Slaughter is furious after David Cameron visited his constituency and accused him of not telling the truth.

Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter has slammed David Cameron
for accusing him of not telling the truth about the closure of Charing
Cross Hospital.
The Prime Minister was accused by the MP of making a ‘bizarre flying visit’ to Hammersmith yesterday and attacked comments he made to getwestlondon
regarding the hospital, Heathrow expansion and housing.
Mr Cameron visited Hammersmith and Fulham's Conservative party
headquarters in Greyhound Road for about an hour to show support for the borough’s Conservative councilors in next week’s local elections.
Mr Slaughter, who has been Hammersmith’s MP since 2010, slammed the Prime Minister for not taking the time to meet any residents.
Charlie Dewhirst, Conservative Parliamentary candidate for 2015,
speaking after the Prime Minister’s visit, said the visit was
‘very smoke and mirrors’ because they had not much prior warning
he was going to visit the borough, but added he was very honoured
for the support.
Reacting to this, Mr Slaughter said: “The description of Cameron’s visit seems fairly apt as ‘smoke and mirrors’ in my dictionary defines as ‘someone that deceives or distorts the truth’.
“I am not surprised that Cameron avoided meeting any of my constituents as his policies on the NHS, Heathrow and housing are universally unpopular here. But if he had taken the trouble to talk to local residents he would have found just how wrong his statement was last week in Parliament that they support the closure of A&Es and demolition of Charing Cross. In fact 100,000 people signed a petition against cuts to the local NHS.”
Mr Cameron accused the MP of not giving the true facts about Charing Cross, saying the hospital would retain its A&E services and that ‘it will still be a very good hospital’.
But Mr Slaughter, who has fought hard with the Save Our Hospitals campaign, says all 500 emergency beds, intensive care, A&E consultants and the ‘country’s best stroke unit’ would go, leaving only GPs, treatments and planned surgery on site.

The Prime Minister also spoke about Heathrow, putting his faith in the Howard Davies Airports Commission, which Mr Slaughter said represents a significant softening of Conservative Party policy on the airport as before 2010’s general election, Mr Cameron told west London residents groups that ‘the third runway at Heathrow is not going ahead, no ifs, no buts’ .
Yesterday, he praised the Conservative council for releasing £88m from high value council houses but Mr Slaughter claims he is out-of-date and the sale of 307 council houses by auction has so far raised £132 million with none of them being affordable to people on moderate incomes as their average cost is £420,000.
He also said 300 families have been left without a permanent home as a result and some of the sales proceeds are being used to empty council flat blocks to demolish them and build luxury homes.
Mr Slaughter added: “ We told the truth at the last elections in 2010 and we are telling it now. Cameron and the Hammersmith and Fulham Tories want to wreck our NHS and make Hammersmith unaffordable to anyone but speculators and millionaires. The reason he loses elections here is because of his out of touch policies. I’m grateful for Mr Cameron coming to remind Hammersmith residents why they should vote Labour next Thursday in the Council and European elections.”
The local and European elections in Hammersmith & Fulham take place next Thursday, May 22.

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