Sunday, 15 March 2015

NHS London Rally 10/03/2015 - Photos and Videos

Please check the photos of the event here:

Video clips of the NHS London rally:

Londoners rally to keep the NHS public

Owen Jones in Hammersmith DEFENDING the NHS, our proudest institution! 

Andy Slaughter MP defending Charing Cross Hospital 

Dr Sandhu explains the NHS crisis in London! Hospitals are full... 

Closures in West London affects 2 million people - Anne Drinkell, Save Our Hospitals 

The Conservatives are the number one enemy of the NHS - Dr Marie Louise Irvine, NHA Party 

We need your help to save the NHS ! Merril Hammer , Save Our Hospitals's chair

Power of the NHS workers - Dr Jackie Turner, Save Our Surgeries 

The NHS needs to be properly funded - Dr Jillian Creasey, Green Party 

The bullying culture in the NHS

NHS has been destroyed before our eyes - Lewisham campainer 

Is that racism in the NHS ? 

Patients come first - Dr Sandhu 

STOP blaming the NHS staff - Andy Slaughter MP 

Spread the word about the NHS - Dr Marie Louise Irvine 

NHS Reinstatement Bill - Dr Jillian Creasey, Green Party 

All parties must be clear about their NHS policies 

Our common purpose is to Save the NHS - Jos Bell, NHS campaigner 

NHS for Sale - Dr Jacky Davis 

Legal challenge against privatization of the NHS 

Hospitals and A&Es closures causing pressures in West London - Ruth Cadbury 

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