Monday, 10 August 2015

​What’s going on at Charing Cross?

Not a lot was my view after a series of private meetings with the local NHS except a slow run down of services in the expectation of demolition in five years’ time.  Though they are starting work on the plans for that this autumn – another bonanza for management consultants.

But I followed up by attending the Imperial Board meeting last week, and discovered:

•    Stroke services will be moving from St Mary’s Paddington to Charing Cross, bolstering the already excellent services there.  The Stroke Association made a plea to the Board to leave them at Charing Cross permanently, but this was ignored.

•    They are now describing the long-term plan for emergency services at CXH as ‘a 24/7 A&E appropriate to a local hospital’.  I asked what this meant and was told they couldn’t say now but would tell us by autumn next year! Previously, I was told this ‘A&E’ will be staffed by GPs and will be the same as a walk-in clinic but with a few short stay beds and x-ray facilities.

•    The business plan that will contain all the details of the new development including financial information is to be kept secret until finalised no earlier than autumn 2017.

These last two points are unacceptable, and I have made Freedom of Information requests for both the details of the A&E services and the business plan.

Meanwhile, the closure of Ealing maternity services, which puts extra pressure on us, is described as a ‘success’ and the privately-run Ealing Urgent Care Centre, has been exposed by ITV as offering inadequate care.  

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