Monday, 7 November 2016

St George's put in special measures and more news...

How much extra money is the government really giving the NHS?

Jeremy Hunt Has Admitted The NHS Needs More Money As It Faces ‘Very Challenging’ Winter Pressures

​Tories 'pushing the NHS into crisis' as the savage cost of care home cuts is revealed

Ashworth: NHS trusts must publish secret cuts plans

Mapped: Which STPs have been published so far?

A&E Report “Winter pressure in accident and emergency departments”has been published 

Commons Health Commitee : Winter pressures in A&E. "England has lowest number of hospital beds per head in Europe."

NHS maternity crisis: Huge cuts will see mothers forced to give birth at home

The NHS underfunding is a choice. And people are dying. [video]

A world without the NHS. Just picture this​ ...

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