Friday, 10 October 2014

More confusion over hospital plans

What was supposed to be an opportunity for the local NHS to set out their plans for the future of Charing Cross to residents and councillors descended into confusion as they proved unable to answer even simple questions like what emergency services would be left at the hospital if their plan to demolish it succeeded.

It appears that Imperial wish to borrow £400 million in addition to selling half the Charing Cross and St Mary’s sites and yet end up with only primary care and minor treatment and surgery at Charing Cross having spent almost £700 million. The only good news is that it seems inconceivable that any responsible government will agree to allow them to go ahead, and they will not get final approval for another 18 months.

I pointed out that the current plans were very different from the previous agreed strategy and there should therefore be a full public consultation. Labour councillors voted my proposal through, but the Tories would not agree even this.

Andy Slaughter MP for Hammersmith

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