Thursday, 9 October 2014

VIDEO CLIPS - Town Hall meeting with Imperial Trust and CCGs - 07/10/2014

How is Imperial Trust coping with the closure of Hammersmith A&E? Steve McManus

Are lives been put at risk with the changes of A&Es categories? Cllr Stephen Cowan 

What you would like Charing Cross Hospital's A&E to be Dr Tim Spicer? Chair H&F CCG 

How doctors are going to work in Hospitals and in the community Dr Tim Spicer? 

How can NHS management be improved? Dr Susan McGoldrick, Cllr Joe Carlebach 

Hammersmith Hospital will be redeveloped (10 million pounds) - Dr Tracey Batten

What an A&E look like for Charing Cross Hospital Dr Tracey Batten?  

Investment over a billion pounds in GP services and out of Hospitals- Daniel Elkeles, NHS Director 

The largest Business Case ever in the NHS! Daniel Elkeles, NHS Director 

Imperial Trust board approved plans for West London! Dr Tracey Batten 

This is just the beginning of the CLOSURES in West London! 

How Imperial Trust is coping with all these changes? Dr Tim Orchard 

How are the NHS communicating the closures in West London? Daniel Elkeles, NHS director 

Is Imperial Trust ready for any eventuality in West London? Steve McManus 

What will happen in case of Ebola outbreak in West London? - Daniel Elkeles, NHS Director 

Ambulances deliveries and waiting time - Dr Tim Orchard 

What are Imperial Trust assurances of good services? Steve McManus 

Take sick children to A&E, NOT to Urgent Care Centres - Cllr Joe Carlebach 

How do you know where to take sick children Dr Susan McGoldrick? 

Urgent Care Centres run according with specification - Dr Tim Orchard 

Children should not be attending Hammersmith Urgent Care Centre - Cllr Joe Carlebach 

Introduction of the Town Hall meeting (Health) 07/10/2014

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