Friday, 21 October 2016

'No extra cash' May's message to the NHS

"Number of cancelled operations Imperial NHS Trust
is no laughing matter, top doctor reveals in letter to The Times" Ross Lydall, Evening Standard

**Published plans** in motion to

restructure NHS along US private healthcare insurance lines 

Act now or the NHS will be insurance-based system within 10 years, warns doctor who resigned on live TV

BMA: Theresa May lacks understanding about seriousness of NHS crisis

Brexit: A disaster or an opportunity for UK Life Sciences Sector?
Event speakers:
Lord Lansley – former Secretary of State for Health
Richard Phillips – Director of Health Policy, ABHI & Non-Exec Director of West Midlands and South West Peninsula AHSNs

Little-known fact: the tune Nero played while Rome burnt was called "efficiency savings". #NHS
David Schneider, Comedian

“The moment that these issues become a question of urgent and vital importance, not only to NHS staff or NHS campaigners but to all concerned citizens, that’s the moment we’ll all have won this”.
Yannis Gourtsoyannis

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