Friday, 28 October 2016

Smokers and obese 'denied treatment by hard-up NHS' and more news...

Why not write to your Council Leader asking them to publish the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for your area?

Reminding you that the Leaders of H&F Council, Stephen Cowan and Ealing ​Council Julian Bell refused to 
sign t
​he STP​

North Durham GPs' private contract referral 'disgraceful', says MP

​​GPs are asking patients to consider using private health insurance in bid to cut NHS costs

Hard-up nurses being forced into debt as 35,000 rely on payday loans – almost double 2013's number

How much money the NHS gets is a political decision

Don't have your NHS baby out of hours: Three-quarters of maternity wards have no consultant at the hospital overnight

Example of how crisis in care is very relevant to STPs. Care home provider to close 166 beds

​ ​
Stop the NHS closure of the Royal Brompton hospital heart unit.

The most important NHS legal case you haven't heard of Dr Chris Day: (here in @PrivateEyeNews )

My sister needed a ridiculous & scary Halloween costume so I made her the Brexit Bus(​Anna Wilson)

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