Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Closure of A&E at Hammersmith Hospital set for 10th September 2014

Public Board meeting of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust confirms closure on 10th September

The Board of Imperial College NHS Trust, meeting at Hammersmith Hospital's W12 conference centre today, Wednesday 28th May, confirmed the closure of the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital and set the date for 10th September.
The board discussed some aspects of the staffing and training requirements for a successful transfer of "blue-light" patients to St Mary's, Paddington. They also discussed the implementation of a 24/7 Urgent Care Centre manned by nurse practitioners and GPs at Hammersmith. But the public was left with the impression that many details of the transfer were still to be decided. Some important matters, such as the impact of this decision on "blue-light" admissions to Charing Cross A&E, which is also facing eventual closure, were not discussed.
At the same meeting the Board heard that the financial performance of the Trust is adrift from its predictions. In particular the savings from Cost Improvement Plans were behind schedule, and expenditure on agency doctors, nurses and administrative staff were higher than expected. Overall the financial picture was not moving in the direction of satisfying Monitor that the Trust is ready to acquire Foundation status yet. But staff morale is good and the clinical outcomes continue to improve from an already very high standard.

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