Thursday, 1 May 2014

"Save Our NHS" meeting at the House of Commons 29/04/2014

I haven't tried answering the questions...

One of the most important items raised at last night's meeting was the permanent set-back which the "Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership" negotiations and treaty will soon inflict on hopes to reverse the privatisation of the NHS. Please consult the "Keep our NHS private" website's position paper: and leaflet : And an "Occupy London" page: and link to YouTube video where Pia Eberhardt highlights two legal flaws.

The EU Trade Commission have their webpage about the TTIP negotiations with the US here:
There is a "public consultation":, which I invite you to complete. It comes with a warning that you have to complete the questionnaire within 90 minutes or they will close. The consultation was launched on 28th March 2014 ( and will close 90 days after the publication of the reference materials in all languages a few days later, i.e. about end June. I have tried answering the questions, but I think that if you read the above brief campaign materials and confine your replies to bullet points about the effects on NHS you will have done a good job!

Please note that these negotiations, which are not public, are the latest round in a series of transatlantic trade negotiations which have seen the balance of power tilt inexorably in favour of large multinational companies. A tobacco company is even suing the Australian Government for loss of profit from having to sell its cigarettes in plain packaging in that country. Outrageous!

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