Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A full A&E at Charing Cross Hospital

Charing Cross Hospital's A&E was full this evening, what the Conservative Councillors who voted to downgrade our A&E and DEMOLISH our Hospital were thinking of? Where are we suppose to go?
"According to the #tories “Closing A & E’s will improve the quality of service.” (I suppose if we die while waiting for an ambulance, this will naturally reduce the number of people actually attending A & E).
Also according to the Tories, setting up ‘Centres of Excellence’ will improve the service you receive. Well I am attending one of these new ‘Centres of Excellence’ and where I used to wait up to half an hour to be seen by my Specialist at the hospital, I now wait up to three hours to be seen at the new ‘Centre of Excellence’. The reason given by the staff for the very long wait is, that people are now coming from all over the country and they are booking in as many people as possible." 

from David Kerridge

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