Friday, 28 November 2014

Are They Making It Up as They Go Along?

Ross Lydall’s article (24 Nov 2014) on Charing Cross hospital provides more evidence of how little those responsible for the changes to health provision in NW London actually know about their own proposals!

Imperial Health Trust say they will sell 55% of the land, but can’t say which 55% - and who is it the property developers are talking to? Imperial deny discussion with developers. Who is Dr Spencer talking to, and on whose authority?

Dr Spencer and Imperial are still not clear just what hospital provision will be at Charing Cross or Ealing, or how these will be staffed. And they haven’t a clue what the ‘emergency services’ at those hospitals will be.

There is no evidence that so-called Out of Hospital services will reduce the present need for blue light A&E services and acute inpatient beds. And hospitals in NW London are already breaching ambulance target times at an unprecedented rate, falling significantly compared to other N HS areas – all since the closure of 2 small A&Es in the area in September.

Save Our Hospitals has been asking for details of what our health services will be for over 2 years. Neither the CCG nor Imperial Health Trust can give us answers.

We are now demanding a moratorium on further closures/reorganisations and demanding a new consultation on real proposals rather than Dr Spencer’s ‘pie-in-the-sky we’ll know some day’ proposals for local health care.

Merril Hammer

Chair, Save Our Hospital: Hammersmith and Charing Cross

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