Friday, 21 November 2014

Hospital closures spark investigation and ambulance drivers to strike

The Evening Standard's health correspondent Ross Lydall discusses changes to London hospitals.
There has been lots of controversy over changes to North West hospitals as the number of major hospitals with staffed accident and emergency departments has dropped from nine to five. 
It can be revealed that a report is investigating the performance of the remaining hospitals, after they began under-performing to the point they have comes some of the worst in the UK. GPs insist there isn’t a link between the decline in services and the closing of the other hospitals but it is a hotly disputed subject. Accordingly, NHS England is looking into what has happened. 
Ambulance drivers will strike on Monday in London, over a pay dispute. 300 soldiers and police officers will step in to help drive ambulances but the emergency services are asking that people do not call an ambulance unless it is a life threatening event. The service will be severely over-strained. 
Please go to this link to watch the VIDEO:

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