Thursday, 27 November 2014

Senior NHS doctors fear A&E is heading for winter crisis

The Accident & Emergency service at 50 hospitals is already struggling heading into the winter, according to leading NHS doctors.
By Lewis Vaughan-Jones: ITV News Correspondent
Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent is one of the worst hospitals in England. Last month a patient waited in Accident and Emergency for nearly 35 hours. I've spoken to patients who've been in there for between 12 and 20 hours.
The problems there may be specific but there are concerns about many of our A&E departments across the country. Doctors have told ITV News about growing delays and people waiting on trollies in corridors.

One doctor told us around 50 hospitals are "struggling to cope" at the moment. Another told me things are as bad as he's seen in 20 years.

There are calls for more money to try to fix this. Next week's Autumn Statement is likely to be the time we find out if there will be any extra funding. All this and the grip of a cold winter, which sees more hospital admissions, hasn't even tightened yet.

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