Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Health meeting 20/01/2014 at Hammersmith Town Hall

Check the video clips here:

Is Charing Cross Hospital going to be downgraded? Andy Slaughter MP for Hammersmith 

Best Stroke Unit in the country at Charing Cross Hospital - Dr William Oldfield 

We praise the staff, but not the management decisions - Cllr Stephen Cowan , Leader of H&F Council 

Council wants to know the steps taken by Imperial T. to solve crisis in the NHS - Cllr Rory Vaughan 

Is Imperial NHS Trust going to withdraw the foundation bid? Cllr Stephen Cowan , H&F Council 

Imperial Trust NHS answers questions about the A&Es crisis - Stephen Cowan, leader of H&F Council 

Should Imperial NHS Trust closed Hammersmith A&E in a middle of an A&E crisis? 

"We didn't get it right, the figures show..." Steve MacManus, Imperial NHS Trust 

Are patients been transferred because of bed shortages? Steve McManus , Dr Willian Oldfield 

Imperial NHS Trust provided data during crisis to NHS England - Steve MacManus, deputy chief exec. 

Imperial NHS Trust adds consultants to help solving the A&E crisis - Steve MacManus 

More consultants are available at Charing Cross and St Mary's Hospitals during crises 

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