Thursday, 8 January 2015

VIDEOS - Hospitals and A&Es Crisis

A&Es in London are struggling! BBC London News 

A&Es are under pressure! BBC News 

Reorganization of the NHS was opposed in West London- ITV News London 

Jeremy Hunt MP refuses to admit he tried to close Lewisham A&E 

Andy Slaughter MP for Hammersmith demands a review of the planned closures of A&Es in West London 

Ambulances Services under intensive pressure - Andy Burnham MP on the BBC News 

Government tries to change ambulance response time - BBC News 

Charing Cross Hospital's A&E is full Jeremy Hunt! STOP the closures! 

Jeremy Hunt MP closing A&Es in West London in a middle of a crises - BBC London News 

Crises in the NHS, what crises? Jeremy Hunt MP denies crises when replying to Andy Slaughter MP 

Why is Jeremy Hunt MP closing A&Es in the middle of an A&E crises? Karen Buck MP 

Jeremy Hunt MP refuses to publish A&E waiting times - Andy Burnham MP 

(CQC), has described St Mary’s Hospital’s A&E unit as ‘inadequate’ - BBC London News 

Please sign our petition, every signature counts to Save Our Hospitals and A&Es: 

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