Wednesday, 18 January 2017

NHS crisis at Paddington St Mary's Hospital revealed in BBC2's 'Hospital' as staff forced to choose between patients

The BBC2 episode followed two patients who need life changing treatment, but resources were short.

Lesley Powls, site director at St Mary’s describes her job as an “air traffic controller"

A severe shortage in beds showed the NHS crisis in its true light as BBC2's new documentary, 'Hospital' , followed the story of two patients at St Mary's Hospital.
Viewers were left astonished after watching Paddington staff members in the six part series torn in a dilemma involving a cancer patient and a woman needing immediate surgery.
Wednesday night's (January 11) programme followed Janice who was shown being rushed to the hospital after suffering from a ruptured blood vessel.
At the same time, cancer patient Simon is seen prepped and waiting for surgery to remove a tumour from his oesophagus.
Simon is told that, if Janice survives the ambulance ride, she will take the remaining space in the operating theatre

Both need to be in the intensive care ward - but, while there are enough surgeons to perform both operations, there is only one bed remaining.
Heartbroken viewers watched as surgeons admit Janet could bleed to death if she was not attended to, yet Simon had already had his operation pushed back before.
Simon is told that, if Janice survives the ambulance ride, she will take the remaining space in the operating theatre.
If she dies en route, Simon's operation will go ahead and the 67-year-old cancer patient is asked how that makes him feel.
Fighting back tears, he answers with just two words: "Guilty, actually."
In this case, the blocks fall against Simon, whose surgery is postponed for a second time.
Viewers were in for a further tragic revelation however - although Simon did actually get his operation, just a day later, he died six weeks after contracting a blood and immune disorder known as HLH.
West Londoners took to Twitter to express their heartbreak after watching the every day struggles NHS staff have to make.
It is so sad to see what underfunding has done to the NHS  

While some mentioned a lack of funding, others blamed the government for being "naive" about the situation.

Teresa May should really watch  on BBC2 RN so she won't remain quite so naive about the state of our NHS @ImmyWM

Hospital continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC Two
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​If you missed the first episode, you can watch it here:

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