Sunday, 29 January 2017

Secret Plans

Secret plans to cut almost 8,000 NHS jobs in NW London in the next 5 years are exposed in Save Our Hospitals' latest press release. The papers are marked "NW London Delivery Plan for the Sustainability & Transformation Plan Oct 16 Strictly confidential not for Wider Circulation". They were obtained after a Freedom of information request by Gaynor of Brent Patients' Voice. (We've attached copies below). The STP paper includes
* The loss of 3,658 NHS jobs in NW London next year - rising to 7753 by 20/21
* Cutting the number of outpatient appointments by 222,370 by 20/21
* Reducing planned hospital admissions (for operations, investigations, treatment etc) by almost 50,000 by 20/21 
* A reduction in A&E attendances by 64,175 in the next 5 years.
There's NO evidence that there won't be a need for these staff, hospitals and acute beds in the future. A&E attendances & operation waiting times are at record levels.
The Royal College of Emergency Medicine attacked bed losses triggered by STPs in the British Medical Journal today. Vice President Chris Moulton said:-
“Despite the obvious problems we’ve got, the STPs are often about cutting beds. It seems like lunacy in the current situation.”

Imperial Boss Resigns

Coincidentally (or not) we heard today that Tracey Batten, Chief Executive of Imperial NHS Trust resigned yesterday to spend more time with her family - her husband is on the board of private health company BUPA. She was the NHS chief executive with the highest overall pay package in London - £290,000 plus a £50,000 relocation payment to move from Australia in April 2014. She is in charge of planning the closure of 300 plus hospital beds at Charing Cross.

If this information makes you angry or sad do something about it. We need people writing to the papers highlighting these cuts and their consequences. You could also join

Healthwatch have a remit to be champions for users of the NHS. They're holding an Info & Engagement event on Monday - be good if people could go, meet them, raise issues they are concerned about and try to identify areas of common interest.
HealthWatch Info & Engagement Event Mon 30th Jan 5 - 7pm St Paul's Centre St Paul's Church Queen Caroline St W69PJ

K & C STP Public Consultation

This will hopefully be a chance to raise the issue of job losses and bed closures as NHS bosses present the STP and follow it up with a panel discussion. SOH will have a stall at the event and if you'd like to help with this do get in touch.

K & C STP Public Consultation Tues 31st Jan 6 - 8.30 Small Hall Kensington Town Hall Hornton St W8 7NX (5.30 if you're helping on the stall).

Catch the Bus

West London Unite have booked a bus to travel round all the threatened hospitals in NW London. It's sounds an amazing tour starting at Southall and ending at West Middlesex Hospital. Itinerary 11.00 Depart Singh Saaba Gurdwara, 2-8 Park Avenue, Southall, UB1 3AG, 11:20 Arrive at Ealing Hospital11:50 Depart, 12:25 Arrive at Northwick Park Hospital 12:55 Depart 13:30 Arrive at Central Middlesex Hospital 14:00 Depart 14:30 Arrive at Hammersmith Hospital 15:00 Depart 15:40 Arrive at CX Hospital 16:10 Depart 16:40 Arrive at West Middlesex Hospital 17:10 Depart 17:40 Arrive back at Singh Saaba Gurdwara

West London Unite Community NHS Bus Sat 11th Feb SOH will have a stall outside CX Hospital to greet the bus from 2 - 4pm.

If you'd like to join in for all or part of the journey giving out leaflets and raising awareness get in touch with  07983 977775


* Eleanor spoke about the STPs at Brent Trades Council this week, they donated £50 to SOH.

* H&F Commissioners are decommissioning the anticoagulation service, a vital way of managing housebound people on warfarin - so much for care closer to home. 

* The conservative majority on Westminster Council whilst failing to condemn the STP did agree that the council should ''take steps to lobby government to provide extra funding in the upcoming budget, in order to tackle the immense shortfall in social care.'' 

Regards AD

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