Wednesday, 18 January 2017

STPs risk 'starving services of resources' and more news...

Jeremy Corbyn accuses Tories of putting families at risk as brutal cuts leave NHS on "brink of meltdown"

The Labour leader warned hospitals will close and emergency units shut down because of the savage cuts

NHS Faces Fresh £22 Billion Cuts Plan, British Medical Association Warns
‘Transformation plans will be used as a cover for delivering cuts’

North Central London STP: Plan to save local NHS finances ‘not yet found’, health chief admits

Care for elderly ‘close to collapse’ across UK as council funding runs out

NHS cuts putting patient safety at risk, TUC warns

£10 billion or £4.5 billion: what's going on with NHS spending?

NHS hospitals told to send patients to private sector to ease potential winter crisis

Leaked memos show health officials have been ordered to discharge thousands of patients

Staffordshire £1.2bn cancer contract given green light

Global healthcare company acquires space in Decca Records site

Is it safe to hand NHS operations over to private health companies?

This Is What Doctors Are Most Worried About This Winter
“I fear for the very future of the NHS as we know it. The current government has no plan, no money, and no commitment to the NHS.”

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